CRM Development

Pick up every single conversation exactly where you left with every single customer.

Intelligent customer relationship management systems are the foundation for successful sales and high quality customer service.

  Engage customers by positively responding to their every direct and social interaction with your brand. Gain deeper market insights by analysing this information.

Discover opportunities that are not are not openly visible.

Deeper market understanding while enabling a business to interact closely with the market, also reveals the secret desires of the market needs. In many cases, people are not vocal about their needs or do not know of their existence until they are identified and presented to them. Sometimes communicating the benefits of service offering catering to such new service propositions requires careful demonstration of resourcefulness in real time. Such invisible factors influencing business performance become visible by carefully gathering market data and analysing to detect patterns and trends.

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365
  • SAP Hybris
  • Salesforce
  • Sugar CRM

Some of the CRM technologies Prufer Logic Technologies specialises in.

A fully functional CRM system operates as the backbone of sales and customer service side of business providing with knowledge about clients that helps you develop a relationship proactively. By knowing tastes and preferences of your clients along with knowledge about the timing presents a business with opportunities to deliver the right message at the right time.

Deeper relationships require deeper knowledge. Find out more and serve better.

Incentivise by measuring engagement & reward regular and long term customers by identifying them on various channels. Measuring engagement will also enable the brand to serve relevant content, first time customer relationships require a different method of engagement in comparison with the customers who are more familiar with the brand and its offerings.

  Serving as a foundation comprising of the key customer and market big data, a good CRM system is the most fundamental component of a successful sales, marketing and customer service processes. With the advancement in the technologies like Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce, an effective CRM system is effective and available for enterprises of all sizes. They are economically viable for a startup with 1 or 2 member teams and capable of growing into giant business systems housing thousands of people.

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