Mobile commerce impact with Magento 2


Magento's progressive web apps make mobile commerce easier.

 The never-ending debate for eCommerce retailers between having a dedicated app or a responsive website could be resolved by a useful new Magento feature that promises to deliver progressive web apps.

How does it work?

Progressive web apps can be designed to provide the best features of a website and a mobile application, without the need to develop both. They offer the speed and custom-designed look that users would expect from a traditional native mobile app, along with the instant speed, ease-ofupdating and design flexibility of a website. This is all delivered without the need for regular app updates, big downloads or searching through an app store.


Since many eCommerce stores already run Magento, the progressive web app will be a natural evolution for those running a website who don't want to invest in a mobile app. It will also benefit those who are struggling to keep their mobile application and website in sync. Progressive web apps provide the best of both worlds and are likely to become more popular as apps slowly lose their appeal.

What are the benefits?

As more vendors choose to replace their apps and responsive websites with progressive web apps, speed and performance will improve for customers, with better checkout processes and higher levels of engagement via the use of opt-in and push notifications. These will make it easier for online retailers to offer spot sales, regular discounts to promote new product launches, without the need for major redesigns or site updates.


Benefits for the retailer include improved conversion rates, to boost business growth at a lower cost of ownership and with reduced expenses. Naturally, Magento has signed up some big names to demonstrate the features, so check out WeGo and AliExpress to see what is possible. Both claim to have benefited from faster page loading times, a greater number of site visitors and conversion rates improved by double-digit rates.

 While the app versus site argument will go on for some time, the arrival of progressive web apps can help simplify the issue for businesses. Get in touch with Prufer Logic Technologies for an unbiased discussion about which online eCommerce technologies could benefit your business best and help create the greatest return.

Moses Thurimella
Moses Thurimella is a Technology Consultant with 10years experience in Software Engineering, Masters Degree in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering and French. Committed to technology, Moses has successfully delivered many end to end technology implementations including product development, eCommerce development, CRM development and marketing automation on web, on premise and mobile platforms in UK, US and Indian markets.
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